BRAIN2BOT is taking the artificial out of AI

Artificial intelligence can only get us so far. Luckily, biology already solved AI’s problems. To build the loveable synthetic companions of our sci-fi dreams, we don’t need artificial intelligence, we need natural intelligence! Using cutting edge neuroscience, Brain2Bot reverse-engineers the principles of biological intelligence, and injects those principles into strategies for a new form of artificial intelligence that we can actually relate to. We envision a future where synthetic beings share our feelings and become part of our social groups. Come join our exciting mission to build natural intelligence!

Taking the artificial out of AI


Brain2Bot developed the world’s first biological learning algorithm based upon molecular neuroscience. This enables our natural intelligence software to learn in real time from its interaction with you and the real world. No data and no cloud needed! Furthermore, we built internal emotional systems based upon the emotional systems found deep within your brain. This allows our companions to feel like we do. What’s next? We are working on complex concept formation. Our software won’t just recognize cats, it will understand what cats are.


Brain2Bot products make you happy!  Therefore, our first products are software brains for entertainment purposes such as virtual companions and robotic pets.  We license our natural intelligence software business to business. We unveiled Momenta, our Natural Intelligence interactive digital artwork, in Hollywood at #AIShowBiz. Ask us what we can do for your application!


AI solutions currently in the marketplace are narrowly intelligent. Brain2Bot’s mission is to deliver the highest form of intelligence in a small package. We do this by eliminating cloud computing and bloated, expensive data processing from our products. Instead, our technology is based on the study of living creatures. We are going beyond AI to develop an Artificial General Intelligence system with the intuition and emotion of a living creature.


From an extreme skier known for doing stunts that most thought impossible to a Ph.D. in neuroscience, Founder and CEO Gunnar Newquist paved his own path. While studying brain development in fruit flies at the University of Nevada, Reno, Gunnar began to realize that learning theory wasn’t consistent with experimental results. He began formulating his own theories on how learning occurs in the brain and soon realized this was the key to making robots smarter and more adaptable in the real world. Understanding simple organisms formed the foundation of Brain2Bot’s natural intelligence technology. In 2015, Gunnar teamed up with Bill Wendin, Jason Dekker, and Séon O’Shannon to launch the company.

Each BRAIN2BOT product is created with four core building blocks:

Revolutionary neuroscience-based engineering allows each product to learn and respond as if it were a living creature.

No cloud necessary!

Each product possesses a unique identity, and is able to act and react with emotion and charisma.

We created an internal emotional system to allow synthetic beings to “feel” what we feel.

Our products constantly evolve with every interaction from their owners, allowing them to grow with their end user.

The Team

Bill Wendin

Chief Technology Officer

Jason Dekker

Executive Chairman

Séon O’Shannon

Software Engineer